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The Benefits of Having Your Team Work From Home

We at Accentuate Web Design & Marketing are big fans of remote working and have been doing it for over 13 years. Even though we have an office, we offer our employees the flexibility of working from home. If you ask us, there are many benefits to having your team work from home.

Here are some of the top reasons why letting your employees work from can be good for your business:


The Benefits of Having Your Team Work From Home by Accentuate Web Design and MarketingYour Employees Save Commute Time

Reducing the time spent on an unpleasant and stressful commute will benefit your employees, but it can also provide a boost to your business as well. The health and well-being of employees are directly linked to productivity and a steep reduction in absenteeism.

By cutting down the time spent commuting, your employees will arrive at their desks fresh, energetic and raring to go.

Moreover, working from home will also cut down their travelling expenses, which means your team can spend the money saved on the things they love. And the result is a healthier, happier and motivated workforce.


Hire the Best Talent from Around the World

When you have a remote team, it means you can hire anyone in the world to work for you.

You are no longer limited to your city or even your country when hiring talent. You can scour the world to find the best talent! This can be especially useful in professions or locations with skill shortages.


Reduce Retention Rate

Losing talented employees is the biggest headache facing small and medium businesses. As a small business, we can’t always compete with big corporations in terms of salary and perks. So it is crucial to make the most of the benefits you can offer.

Outdated workplace practices and endless meetings may keep workers in bigger organisations tied to their desks, but the entrepreneurial spirit and agility that many small businesses show can provide employees with the freedom they desire so badly.

Remote working can give parents with childcare duties the flexibility they need.  Even other workers can benefit from an improved work-life balance.

All in all, working from home can mean happier employees. And happy employees rarely quit. That’s a win-win!


Boost Employee Loyalty

Most people who’ve had the opportunity to work from home wouldn’t ever dream of giving it up. By giving your employees the flexibility to work for you, you can ensure they will stay loyal to your organisation.


An Autonomous Team

By giving your team the ability to work remotely from home means they can operate in a manner that suits them.

In an office environment, employees cannot expect complete flexibility in terms of how or when they want to work. But that is possible when they’re in their own space, at their homes.

Those who prefer to work late at night or prefer working curled up on the sofa can do so when working from home whilst delivering the best results for your business.


You Can Go at Your Own Pace

When it comes to remote work, you don’t have to go all in all at once. It’s not an all-or-nothing situation!

If a complete work-from-home route isn’t viable for your business just as yet, consider letting your employees work from home once a week or a few days a month. You will still benefit from most of the benefits discussed in this article.


Reduced Costs

The biggest fixed cost for a business is the office rent. Even if you could claim some cost back as a capital allowance, you are still incurring a huge cost month after month.

If you are averse to the idea of not having an office altogether, you could allow your team to work from home three days a week whilst operating a hot-desking policy for the remaining days of the week.

This way, you can reduce the amount of office space your business needs. When most of your team works from home, you won’t need an office or a lot less office space at best.


No Meetings

Corporate meetings are the biggest time-savers in today’s times.

By cutting out all those useless meetings and other things that can take a lot of your employees’ time, you can amp up the productivity factor instantly. Just like that!



The biggest benefit of having your team work remotely? You can benefit from all of the above benefits and enjoy complete flexibility.

At Accentuate Web Design and Marketing, we are experts when it comes to working remotely.

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