The LAB | February 27, 2020

Top Digital Marketing Trends for 2020

Top Digital Marketing Trends for 2020


February 27, 2020


Eden Brownlee


There was a time when data-driven marketing, artificial intelligence and voice search engine optimisation (VSEO) seemed like ambitious, impractical concepts – today, these innovative marketing trends are some of the biggest priorities for most businesses in 2020.

And rightfully so! After all, if your business wants to remain competitive, you must adapt to the rapidly changing marketing landscape. Let’s take a look at some of the biggest digital marketing trends to adapt in 2020!


Artificial Intelligence

If you haven’t realised it already, 2020 could be the year a lot of people recognise the dominance of artificial intelligence (AI). It will be front, right and centre of business and industry and is already taking over several simple jobs.

AI can analyse search patterns and consumer behaviour and use data from blog posts and social media channels to help a business understand how its customers find their offerings.

Chatbots are an excellent example of AI. These are some other areas that will see the onset of artificial intelligence:

  • Email personalisation
  • Content creation
  • Basic communication
  • Product recommendations
  • E-commerce transactions


Conversational MarketingTop Digital Marketing Trends for 2020 by Accentuate Web Design and Marketing

Modern marketing is becoming more conversational in nature.

People prefer it that way, and brands are adapting. When people have a query, 82% of them expect an “immediate” response.

And conversational marketing enables real-time, one-to-one connections between brands and consumers.

The ultimate goal of conversational marketing is to improve the customer experience via a feedback-driven model that improves engagement and loyalty.


Video Marketing

Video marketing is an important marketing trend for the next decade or so. These statistics confirm this:

If your website incorporates video, it’s 50 times more likely to improve your search engine rankings compared to text.


Influencer Marketing

It’s a form of word-of-mouth marketing that relies on key personalities to boost your brand presence and amplify your marketing message.

Influencers could be celebrities. They could also be YouTube or Instagram personalities with a huge number of followers who can help your brand to reach a wider audience.

Take a look at these stats: 63% of consumers implicitly trust the opinions of influencers than what brands proclaim about themselves, and 58% of people end up buying a new producing because of an influencer’s recommendation.


Voice Search

The rising popularity of voice search means that it should become a part of your digital marketing strategy in 2020. Let’s consider these facts:

All in all, voice search is expected to be used increasingly in the future.



There you are. That’s our look at some crucial digital marketing trends to look out for in 2020. Need help putting together a digital strategy? Schedule a free consultation today!

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