The LAB | April 30, 2020

Stay Connected With Your Team While Working From Home

Not a long time ago, remote working was thought of as a customer service position at sub-par minimum wage. However, the tides are turning, and remote working is becoming a full-time career.

The technology is playing a crucial role in enabling remote teams to collaborate no matter where they are in the world. In this post, the team at Accentuate Web Design & Marketing take a look at some work tools for remote teams.


Stay Connected With Your Team While Working From Home by Accentuate Web Design and MarketingSlack

Slack needs no introduction, as it’s known to be one of the best tools for collaboration and communication.

With Slack, you can easily create a private channel for a specific team or project or even a public channel. You can even send a message to a particular person or a group. It supports voice and video calls.

You can share images, files, documents and folders with anyone.



HipChat is a communication tool that allows you to collaborate with your remote team members. It boasts features such as video chat, group chat and screen sharing with your team members.

And the best part is you can integrate this tool with other tools. You can easily share your files, work and ideas with your team.



Asana makes it easy for you to track the work of your team whilst getting the best results. With Asana, you can quickly create to-do lists for upcoming projects, create reminders for upcoming deadlines and send requests to your team members.

Team members can even assign comments to posts in the app. With Asana, you can organise all the projects in a board or list format. The search function allows you to easily locate past projects easily and quickly.



Basecamp is popular among teams, managers, agencies and freelancers for its clean design, simple functionality and elegant usability. It’s a team collaboration and project management tool that makes it easy to manage projects and communicate with your team and clients.

It offers an array of tools and features for organising conversations, sharing ideas and keeping everyone updated throughout the project.



Yammer is a tool that connects with teams across your organisation. It is a private social network that provides access to employees of a business.

You can create private and public groups, share files, ideas and videos and communicate with your team members.



Skype is a hugely popular video calling platform that you can use for both professional and personal purposes.

It allows you to connect with your clients and team members over video and voice calls, and even group video calls from anywhere in the world. You can share documents, images, files and screenshots with your contacts.

You can send messages to your team instantly. If a team member is not online, you can make a call on their landline or mobile phone.



Teamwork is a time management tool that allows you to track every hour, which you could use to boost your team’s productivity.

The tool allows you to invoice all tracked expenses and time. You can generate customised time reports of time logged on a specific project. Export the report and time log entries easily as CSV, Excel or PDF.



ProofHub is a project management tool that allows team members to interact with each other and with clients seamlessly. This tool offers a range of features like discussions, online proofing, chat to share feedback as well as remote project management at a central place.

This all-in-one project management software is an essential tool for teams that expect a higher level of management proficiency.



Podio is a flexible, customisable online platform for communication and work among teams.

This tool allows you to organise large stacks of work and to delegate the tasks between employees. It offers all the essential features you expect in a business collaboration tool, including file sharing, tracking the status of ongoing projects, and getting feedback on jobs you are working on currently.

Podio also offers seamless integration with third-party apps and services such as Google Drive, Dropbox, Zendesk and Evernote.


Parting Thoughts

There you go! That’s our list of the top 9 work applications to connect with your remote team. With these impressive remote work tools on your side, you can connect with your remote team effortlessly whilst ensuring they stay productive and happy at the same time!

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