The LAB | October 25, 2021

How Hosting Services Providers Benefits Your Small Business

The quality of the web host you hire has a direct impact on how secure and speedy your website will be. To be available to the public online, all websites require some type of hosting, which is commonly provided as a monthly or annual subscription or payment.

How Hosting Services Providers Benefits Your Small Business by Accentuate Web Design and MarketingWe are a reputable web hosting company that provides high-quality VPS hosting for each of our clients, working hard so that your website does not depend on the performance of others. To secure your online investment, we provide enhanced protection, uptime monitoring, and regular backups. We can also assist you with domain registration.

Continue reading to find out how Accentuates hosting provider’s services can benefit your business!


Premium Hosting At A Fraction Of The Cost

Our hosting is tailored to Aussie local users, and as site designers, we choose high-quality servers over low-cost options with poor support and availability.


Scaling For High Volume Of Traffic

Many budget providers would simply cease serving your site if it receives too much traffic; however, our team is alerted to overage issues and can scale and add extra resources to meet your website needs!



We keep an eye on your website and are alerted if anything goes wrong, and work hard so that our software is secure.


Reliable Backup Service

To provide the safest software so that your online asset is secured, we back up your site and store it securely in the cloud. Our backups enable you to swiftly and easily recover your site or any files.


What You Gain

Website Backup Solutions

Accidents can occur at any point during the development process, thus no designer can claim that no errors will happen. However, having a website backup is similar to having a spare tire or discovering an oasis in the desert that can assist you in recovering your website following an incident.


Monitoring the Security of a Website

We monitor the site with advanced tools and third-party technologies that monitor the entire website, not just the hosting.

Our security software runs efficiently so that your website is safe and secure, and we monitor it and are notified quickly if anything goes wrong.


Updated and Secure Server

Here in Australia, we have excellent local servers. Having your website hosted locally can make it available at all times. Your target market will have better access to your web pages and faster surfing speeds if you have a fast-loading website.

Contact us today if you want to find out more about our hosting provider services!

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