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Working from Home – The New Frontier

Before the pandemic, working from home was a luxury reserved and enjoyed only by entrepreneurs, as a special arrangement to accommodate an employee in specific cases, and any other job that does not require an office space. COVID-19 changed all that and forced the dissolution of traditional office landscapes, and many sectors were to adapt and begin working at home.

Working from Home: The New Frontier by Accentuate Web Design and MarketingThe global pandemic brought about by the coronavirus strain COVID-19 dramatically disrupted how we live our everyday lives, how we run our businesses and how we work. Businesses were suddenly obligated to decide whether to adjust, to pause their operations or to close their businesses.


Redefining the Workplace

The pandemic greatly redefined the workplace and compelled business leaders from all sectors to reassess their businesses, including their operational structures. Those who chose to remain operational have shifted their workforce strategies and adapted and implemented work-from-home policies for the safety of their employees.
The transition to remote work or working from home began before 2020. Though COVID-19 contributed to the abrupt shift, working from home began accelerating.

The bulk of online remote work can be attributed to freelancing. The improvement of technology also played a major role. With this, attitudes towards the workplace shifted, as more flexibility in working hours and location are factors that drove the transition faster.


New Investments in Digital Technologies

Adapting to what is now perceived as the new normal for working environments all over the world, businesses that had invested in digital technologies seamlessly adjusted to work from home by employing cloud-based applications, and modern IT infrastructure. It is, however, a different tale for most businesses.

Pre-pandemic, investments in digital technologies were considered not a priority due to its being perceived to be a cost. The resulting “thrift” of these companies caused their operations to be paralysed and are now left in a predicament thinking of ways to remain afloat.

As companies scrambled to equip their employees with devices and software, a natural progression affected the surge in sales of laptops and tablets alongside subscriptions to cloud-based productivity software and tools.


Shift in Work and Attitudes

It used to be rare to be working from home, as far back as a decade ago. In more recent times, telework and teleconferencing developed into an advanced state that it became possible for many businesses to function with remote teams and allow their employees to work from home on certain days of the working week.

Most companies today make a conscious effort to plan how they are going to operate in the new normal. Working from home imposed a paradigm shift on how we traditionally do things and go about our business.

Though working from home is not a viable option for all industries, those who do, have to consider several factors to be successful, apart from investing in technology. They now have to consider, define, and monitor their employees :

  • Job profiles and responsibilities
  • Working environment status concerning their equipment and connectivity
  • Mental attitudes and health
  • Discipline

Until this pandemic is over, these companies will have to constantly reassess how to make things work. It is therefore prudent for these companies to move fast and get up to speed. And even if things go back to normal, the new office work ecosystem might persist because the workforce has now learned and adapted to new behaviours on how they conduct work.

However, many companies that have not initially invested in office automation and digital technologies, have now taken steps to keep up and employ strategies and experimentation that would work for their employees and their organisation to remain operational and survive. Sadly, not everything will work, and many of them will fail.


Growth Opportunities

Back then, most employers were hesitant to allow their workers to work from home. Their major concern is the notion that there would be a loss of productivity. They feel that an employee would be idle when not in constant supervision.

An obvious fact that benefits companies with work-from-home strategies is that they save on office operational costs and utility expenses. It has also been proven in surveys that office workers who choose to work from home environments are more productive when working in the comfort of their own homes.

Employees are freed from the morning and afternoon traffic rush. They found more time and flexibility to balance their professional and personal lives. Company executives and leaders now have to contend with a twofold challenge: How to manage their stress and anxiety, as well as making sure to assist their subordinates in doing the same.

The anxiety of not getting clear expectations from supervisors or managers tends to make an employee anxious. In work-from-home situations, the need for clarity is prime, and each task is well-defined, queries are immediately addressed, and timetables are much more efficiently met.

As such, business organisations must improve their work-from-home or remote work policies and capabilities. When done right, employers and employees alike tend to focus more on what would be beneficial for both company and employee – performance. Actual work performance can be easily monitored, rather than be swayed by an indication of productivity and favouritism in a traditional office environment.


Getting Help

To help redefine the new normal work strategy and to minimise the risk of failure, it is recommended that external help and guidance be employed. From choice of technology, software and tools, as well as help in putting your brand out there via a website.

Getting online has been a boon to many companies all over the world, even before the pandemic struck. However, not all of them became successful in bridging the gap in adding an online presence for their business and organisation to be known.

You would need not only a team of experts to do that but also a reputable company to get you started on the right foot. We can help. Our team of experts can assist you via our services from the ground up.

We do Web and Graphic Design, as well as, branding for clients. Assist you in uplifting your online presence through Search Engine Optimisation and Social Media Management. We can even have your Domain Registered and Host it for you.

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