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Steps to Developing Your Core Offering Descriptions

As a business, it is of prime importance that you want your business to offer something of value to the customer as your core offering. To provide something that your company is known for. You need to have the right description that appeals to your target audience. The right description will help your customers associate their needs with your brand, and understand what people would expect to benefit from working with your brand. 

Steps to Developing Your Core Offering Descriptions by Accentuate Web Design and MarketingIt is always a challenge, especially for small businesses, to balance time and money. But when it comes to building a brand, it is important to remember that the branding process is not just an additional expense, but it is rather a big part of growing your business and getting an edge over your competition.

At Accentuate Web Design and Marketing, we not only design and develop responsive websites for your business, but we are also experts at helping you market your brand and be found online.

We can help you understand your core offering better, add value to your offer, and entice your prospects to engage your services or purchase your product. Your offer is the foundation of all your marketing material. Without a compelling offer, there’s little chance your company will thrive in your marketplace.

For any business, finding new customers is a top concern. You are not the only one with this problem, your competition is also out there competing for the same customers.

It is therefore clear as to why you need an edge if you want to get ahead. This edge starts with having your core offering emotionally connect with your prospects and customers.


What is a Core Offering?

Core offerings are the most prominent products or services your company provides. Simply put, it is your flagship product or service. A business’s core offer is usually where the most revenue streams come from. 

Any brand’s core offering is the value it offers to customers. It details:

  • The problem it solves.
  • The pain points it removes.
  • What frustration it alleviates.
  • And what customers can expect the results to be.

Successfully providing these details will make your customers feel good about their purchase.


Why is it important to understand your Business’s Core Offering?

The first step in defining your product’s unique value proposition is to understand your product’s key features. You must completely understand how your product or service connects with your customers: the solutions it solves, the context of their use, and the benefits your customers can derive from it.

A product or service description is a form of marketing copy used to describe and explain the benefits of your offer. In a nutshell, it covers all the information and details of your offering on your website and other marketing materials and content you feature your service or product in.

For example: An auto repair shop is a service-related business. What’s important to customers and/or prospects are details about what services they offer, the qualifications of the mechanics, if they offer a warranty for work done, the period and/or parts covered if they do, and more.

On the other hand, a good product description focuses on your product’s features and benefits. Describing your product’s benefits will require a bit more creativity and understanding of your target audience. There are countless product descriptions you can use, but it is necessary to find or create the best fit for your type of business’s product.

The importance of understanding your business’s core offering is that it gives you the clarity to help you shape your marketing and sales messaging. If you are struggling to identify your core offering, create a marketing strategy, or simply want advice, the expert team at Accentuate Web Design and Marketing can help.

We are a full-service web design and marketing agency based on the Gold Coast. We help businesses with their web development projects and aspects of their marketing right through overseeing an entire marketing strategy, much like your own outsourced marketing department.

Accentuate Web Design and Marketing service in the following locations: Gold Coast, Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne, Geelong, Perth, Adelaide & Canberra. We also service clients both nationally & internationally!


Tips for Creating the Perfect Product Description.

A great product description is a marketing copy that explains what your product is and why it would be worth purchasing. Its purpose is to supply your customers with important information about its features and benefits, so you can compel them to buy.

Potential online customers can’t touch, smell, or physically see the item in the flesh. They exclusively rely on copy, images and video. Here is where writing the perfect product description is crucial for you to sell your product.

Perfectly crafted product descriptions have the power to convince your readers to click, sign up or buy. A stellar copy helps your customers envision how it feels to own your product, visualise it in their hands, solve their problems, or imagine how it can make their lives easier.

The best product descriptions address your target audience personally and directly, in a language and words they use in their daily life as if you’re having a conversation with them.

Let’s explore ways to persuade your visitors with product descriptions that sell.


1.  Set your Focus on your Ideal Buyer.

First off, you need to understand your buyer before you craft your product descriptions that appeal to their needs and aspirations. Defining your offering becomes more effective the more insights you have about your customers.

Avoid writing product descriptions with a huge crowd of buyers in mind. Your descriptions will just end up addressing no one at all.

Address your target audience directly and focus on them by using the word you.


2.  Entice your prospective buyers with benefits.

We are all buyers/consumers, who wouldn’t be excited about seeing product features and benefits that we look for or expect from a product. But don’t overcomplicate your descriptions with mundane features and specs.

Address them with what’s important for them to be informed, and also address what’s in it for them. This is the reason why it’s important to highlight your product benefits and features.

It is important to note that you might be selling a product, but what makes people buy it, is selling the experience they can get from your product.


3.  Be specific as much as possible.

Starting with words like ‘an excellent quality product’ may not give the best impression to a potential buyer, as it offers the same kind of generic verbiage used everywhere. Avoid this reaction by being specific as much as possible.

Instead of simply saying you have an exceptional product, aim to highlight its features and benefits which can translate to the mind of the reader of its quality, without needing you to state it.

Your product details will add credibility to your product, which helps a lot from a sales perspective. The good news is, that you can never have too many technical details in your product description, but ensure they are not just fluff and strictly specific.


4.  Use superlatives only if you can prove it. 

The use of superlatives to describe your product will sound insincere unless you can prove it. If you claim your product is the best, provide specific proof why this is so.

The best source of your claim is from customer testimonials who say your product is the most wonderful they’ve ever used. Social proof is powerful in swaying audiences to buy a product.


5.  Tap your reader’s imagination.

You’re selling online, so your visitors won’t be able to hold your products. Clear images and/or videos can help, but you can extend their desire by letting them imagine what it would be like to own your product.

A good copywriting technique is starting with the word imagine and finishing off your copy by explaining to the reader how they will feel owning and/or using your product.


6.  Use Sensory Words.

The use of adjectives is tricky and often doesn’t add meaning to your sentences. However, sensory adjectives are powerful words because they help your readers experience your copy while reading.

After you tap into their imagination, using vivid product descriptions with words like smooth, crisp, bright, or velvety, will dazzle your readers making them feel your words.

In a nutshell: Share your knowledge about your product. Tell even the tiniest detail in your story. Make it an effort not to be boring or clinical. Most of all, share your enthusiasm and passion for your product.


Tips to Create the Service Description.

Service descriptions are similar to product descriptions. But instead of describing something tangible, you’re describing the services you provide. This includes what you do, the basics of how you do it, and why people should care about what service you offer.

Once you identify what type of service you can provide to your target audience, you should highlight and create your service description content.


1.  Check out your competition.

Check out your competition in SERPs. Search for keywords and set your focus on the top three spots. See what they are doing and formulate ways to do it better. You can also garner success by reverse engineering successful competitors’ pages.


2.  Set your Focus on your Customers.

The most difficult part of writing service descriptions is balancing pleasing your users while pleasing Google. Note however that you can’t let analytics reign over content at the expense of your consumers.

The use of ranking keywords is not enough for your service descriptions to show up high in page rankings. Your content must:

  • Align your content with what your searcher is looking for.
  • Ensure to provide relevant, helpful information to your audience.
  • Persuade your target audience to take the next action in your sales pitch or funnel.

Do your research to ensure you can cater to your target consumer’s needs and preferences. Doing so will help you create valuable content for your service description that speaks specifically to your target audience.


3.  Employ Feature and Benefit Writing.

One of the best avenues to address consumers’ needs and desires is through highlighting features and benefits your services can offer/provide. This strategy also works well with product descriptions.

This doesn’t just tell your consumers what it is you do. It also tells them what you do for them (feature) and why they should care (benefit).

For example: A dental clinic can provide dental prophylaxis (teeth cleaning). To market this service, they might include in their feature saying their staff is friendly and experienced in dealing with nervous patients. The benefit for their clients would be ensuring cleanings are less anxiety-inducing and deliver a pain-free experience.


4.  Make your Service Descriptions Scannable.

What this means is avoiding big blocks of text. Even if your copy is great, people will skip entire pages if it looks daunting and annoying—especially on mobile devices.

To avoid this, break up your content into scannable chunks. Use subheadings, small paragraphs, bulleted and numbered lists, call-outs, block quotes, and images.

Be sure to skim over what you’ve read as if you were the customer and not reading everything to make sure the headings and subheadings flow even if all the text isn’t being read.


5.  Don’t put too much on one service page.

To have your service page perform at its peak in SERPs and users, it has to answer specific intents and questions.

For example: Someone looking for plumbing services might be interested in some basic information about a new toilet installation, either between a new toilet or for repairs. But they wouldn’t be interested to read an entire page devoted to other plumbing fixtures.

Ensure your service page is comprehensive enough to provide answers for the intent of the search regarding your service. You can certainly mention you also provide other plumbing services, but leave tangential information on its page.


6.  Never forget to include a relevant and clear Call To Action

It’s a big no-no to leave the customer hanging. Be specific about the call to action you want customers to take to engage your services.

Include get a quote, buy now, or contact us buttons, and place them to where they can easily spot them. They won’t do you any good if they’re buried somewhere several scrolls below the fold.

Service descriptions are a challenge to write well, as they rely on SEO with a strong marketing copy. Get in touch with us at Accentuate Web Design and Marketing to find out how our experienced copywriters can help you create service descriptions that perform well for search engines and help convert prospects into customers.

HOT TIP: Many businesses miss the mark when creating their brand messaging by not taking the time to develop their offering descriptions. It certainly takes more than simply promoting your products or services and explaining what they are.

Communicating HOW your product/service solves a problem for your community and HOW their life will improve goes a long way to help your consumers put value in your offerings on a higher level and connect with your brand.

If you find that your descriptions do not support your goals, that’s a signal that you need to revise them or try new methods, we can help. 

Through various digital marketing initiatives, we can outline recommendations for achieving your business goals during a Marketing Strategy Session. We can take the time and collaborate with you in finding a method that works for customers to connect with your brand on a deeper level and bring you the benefits you seek.

Get in touch with us today and let’s start the process of perfecting your business name and making it a winner.

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