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Building Your Marketing Message in 2023

The development of a marketing message may seem to some as the simplest of tasks, that a few hours of work will have the result of words flashed on an online page or screen. However, the truth of the matter is, your marketing message is a very big deal.

Building Your Marketing Message in 2023 by Accentuate Web Design and MarketingThere are so many things to put into consideration when developing a marketing message and transforming it from just being good to something great. Not to mention, message development is valuable and foundational to brand development.

Especially now that businesses and our everyday lives are slowly reeling in and recovering from the effects of COVID-19, coming up with a clear, concise, consistent, and empathic message may spell the difference between success and dismal failure in 2023.

The message development is crucial because:

  1.  It evokes you to think deeply about your target audience which can be sated through research.
  2.  It requires you to develop the need to effectively understand and connect with the problems your customers are facing and empathise with their pain.
  3.  Furthermore, it induces collaborative work on true brand differentiation.

With deep understanding, it ensures that you know how your service or product can best meet the needs of your customers.

If you notice online, there are way too many brands that are focused on developing communication that centres on who the company is and what they do. Reserve this and talk about it extensively if you wish on your ‘about us’ page. Your messaging should be katana sharp or laser-focused on your customers and what it is they require to be effective.

An ideal marketing message should consist of the following elements:

    • It should be clear and in a language, your customer can understand easily and remember.
    • Your message should be able to resonate with them and make them feel that their needs and concerns matter and that you are there to address them.
    • It should be clear to your audience what it is you can do for them in solving their pain points, and how your approach is different from those of your competitors.
    • And more importantly, your message should cultivate trust in your company and your product and/or service.

Building Your Marketing Message.

Before you begin crafting your marketing message, pause and ask yourself:

    • How can a marketer stand out from the deluge of a virtual marketing sea?
    • What does it take to hit your target market dead centre and cut through the media clutter that abounds around?

Answer these, and you may hit pay dirt on the holy grail of marketing.

There are new messaging ideas and repurposed content from thought leaders and all types of marketers. Your goal is to rise above the clutter to get noticed.

Here are some tips that can help you craft and build your marketing message this coming 2023.

1.  Be consumer-centric and focus on solutions. This is the prime consideration consumers are looking for and demand. Of course, it helps if you know your target audience well. Address this, and half of your marketing job is in the bag.

2.  Take a deep dive into your target market. In your business plan, we assume you clearly outline the customer groups you intend to target, both their demographic characteristics, but also their lifestyle characteristics that affect their purchasing behaviour. The key is to offer your target market something of value.

The simplest first step in intimately knowing your target audience is to look into your existing customer base.

    • Who are they?
    • What their likes and dislikes are?
    • Why do they buy products or engage services from you?

The truth is, you cannot target everyone, at least not in a realistic sense. However, acquiring a deep understanding of your audience ensures your emotional connection to their needs for you to be able to build a meaningful message.

3.  Create thought-provoking headlines and subtitles. Create something unexpected. To cite examples: “Things the Government Won’t Tell You How You Can Avoid Paying Taxes.” Or how about “Things Banks Won’t Tell You About Getting More Interest.” The goal is to get people’s attention and motivate them to act. In this instance, to read more.

4.  Develop a crystal-clear message. Nice pictures, graphics, colours, and themes do get attention. But do not let these elements obstruct your marketing to the point where your message is relegated to the sidelines. Remember that your messaging is not an art form or a piece of entertainment but a medium of information.

5.  Use words that trigger emotions and induce imagery. If it makes sense to infuse your messaging with humour, then absolutely, go for it. Some memorable messages out there are ones that make us laugh, cry, and sometimes even angry (but in a good way).

Perhaps you’ve heard it before, 95% of purchasing decisions take place in the subconscious. When your communication creates an emotional connection, you’re on the winning side. Additionally, these types of messaging often get shared through word of mouth or via social media.

6.  Keep it short, sweet, and simple. Yes, we know it might be tempting to present impressive facts and figures, but you’ll have to tone it down. It’s a big no, no to bombard your audience with too much information if it doesn’t call for it. Instead, create a summary and relate it to your target market’s needs.

In the marketing world, there are no second glances. It shouldn’t take more than one read (or even skim) to get the gist of your pitch.

7.  Speak their language. We need not stress how crucial this tip is. How will they get you if you develop messages that do not align with the way they normally talk? In business, it’s easy to slip and use big words or jargon they won’t waste time understanding.

Creating a great marketing message is not all about sounding intelligent, but more about how intelligently you can convey your message to cause your customers to act.

8.  Present a solution to their problem. This should not be confused with #1 above. If you’ve conducted proper research and truly understand your target market, then you’ll get to know what difficulties they face and how your offerings (service/product) can help. 

A well-crafted message that articulates your solutions is key to winning new customers. Your messaging should include clearly outlining the benefits, not just the features, on how your solution can be of value to them and make their life easier.

Also, take this opportunity to present how different you are from your competitors. Make no mistake, your prospects expect it.


To conclude.

Building Your Marketing Message in 2023 by Accentuate Web Design and MarketingBuilding a marketing message is a crucial element in any marketing activity. We at Accentuate Web Design and Management can help in imparting with you how you can properly engage with your customers online and through social media. Take a gander and sign up for our Social Media Masterclass, where you will learn how to create a high-performing Social Media Strategy to help you grow your business, starting today.

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