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Why Your About Us Page Is Important on Your Website

A lot of businesses today are honing their Home Pages in the hopes of enticing their potential customers to convert and make a sale. Every website is supposed to have an About Us page, even the most rudimentary ones, and website templates include it. But are you taking full advantage of it?

Can A Business Benefit From Search Engine Optimisation BY Accentuate Web Design and MarketingOften, the About Us Page is treated like an afterthought. Many businesses, who come to us with an existing website to update or have a new website built, often throw generic descriptions of themselves and call it a day.

One of the most important pages you must have on your website is your About Us Page. It is where you can start building rapport with your potential customers and attract potential employees.

We at Accentuate Web Design and Marketing can be your partner and help you with creating your new website or having your existing website revamped. This can also help alleviate any difficulties in connecting with your ideal clients or the struggle you face in finding the right employee to work with. We can help with crafting a compelling About Us page, ensuring you can take full advantage of this page by it establishing credibility and trust.

Before a customer parts with any money or even a potential applicant spends their time on your site, it’s natural they’d want to know a bit more about you, they’d want to know who’s behind the curtain, so to speak. Your About Us page is where you can allay any apprehensions they might have and let them know the legitimacy of your business and that you can stand behind what you promise while confirming your values are in line with their own.


The Importance of a Marketing Message.

Even if you say you are the best in what it is you do, potential customers and employees will have no way of knowing this if you don’t have a compelling message and mission.

You need to craft a compelling message to inform your target audience about your products and services. Why are you unique, and what are the reasons why they should trust you with their business? What you have to remember is that customers don’t buy what you sell; what they buy is the solution or value your product or service brings them.

Likewise, employers have to seek top talents proactively. With so much competition in the employment market nowadays, traditional methods of recruiting are not enough anymore. Your website has to be creative and appealing enough to attract not only customers but desired potential employees as well.

A marketing message in the early days of digital marketing was solely used to promote products and services and to encourage your audience to make a purchase. But marketing has evolved to encompass a further creative approach that can be employed to attract and make connections with potential workers, convert them into applicants, and eventually, into precious members of your team.

Today’s marketing should also include targeting top talents for recruitment. The reasoning behind this is that candidates today think a lot like consumers making a purchase.

So, instead of just using traditional recruitment tactics, marketers use similar tactics to persuade candidates to apply for job vacancies and join the company through consistent and concise messaging.

In essence, your messaging should prioritise what is most important to your audience or potential employees. In creating your marketing message, ask yourself:


    • What value can you provide?
    • What is it that your company does differently?
    • What pain points can you address?
    • Why should people pay attention to you and your brand?

Answering these questions sets you on the right track to creating an effective message that can resonate with potential customers and job seekers. Additionally, when crafting your message, you have to consider what your brand believes in (core values) and the tone of voice you convey in delivering your message. Will you be formal, personable, playful, etc?

We fully understand that a business’s messaging is what makes it unique, and our marketers are keen on helping you deliver that message to your customers. Our seasoned marketers can help you achieve your goals.

If you find your About Us page seems a bit boring, there are ways in which we can help you. Get in touch with us, and let’s talk


Importance of a Clear Mission Statement.

While it’s true that making money is one of the primary goals of any business, a profit-driven strategy isn’t enough to keep yourself and your team engaged, educate your strategy, and give you a sense of purpose.

A great mission statement is composed of no more than one or two simple sentences, that are memorable and can be easily recalled by employees from memory, encapsulating:

    • WHAT your business does.
    • WHO your business does it for.
    • HOW your business does what it does.

Here is why we think every business must have a clear mission statement:


1.  A company’s direction depends on it.

A clear mission statement serves as a company’s guiding star that keeps everyone clear on the organisation’s direction that determines your company’s destination.


2.  It is future-oriented.

This can also be described as your “vision” but is much different from a mission. It is entirely about your preferred future. Where do you want your company to be in a year, three years, five years? The mission describes what you have to do now to reach your goals tomorrow.


3.  It can provide a template for decision-making.

It sets important boundaries, enabling business owners to delegate both responsibility and authority. A clear mission statement to a company is akin to what a compass and/or map is to an explorer.

It can offer a framework for forward-thinking and decision-making within your organisation and establishes the guardrails you need to stay in the course of a preferred future.


4. Forms the basis for alignment.

When a new employee is hired, he/she must immediately know what it is the company does and learn where the company is going. A clear mission statement forms the basis for the new hire to align with the owner, the entire staff, and the organisation.

Your entire team will then be on the same page, which leads to better efficiency and effectiveness.


5.  Open to helpful change.

It’s normal for people to be resistant to change because it can cause them to feel insecure and feel they are losing control. However, a clear mission statement helps in showing team members to see the value of change and how it can help the organisation accomplish its mission.

What this does is create a culture that is welcoming and open to change when warranted.


6.  It shapes your strategy.

It’s no argument that for a business to succeed, it needs a strategy. Instead of just looking at what competitors are doing and copying them, they should be observant of what’s new to be able to create the most effective strategies possible to accomplish the mission their company set out to achieve.


7.  Aids in evaluation and improvement.

A written and clear mission statement guides you to know what it is to measure and how to measure it. Note that clarity of mission brings with it clarity on every level of your organisation.


Importance of Team Values

Members of a high-performing team collaborate effectively to accomplish their collective goals. While each member is equipped with knowledge, skill, and experience that can help the group, team values bring them together.

People are at the forefront of any business, serving both its workforce and the people it serves. Working well as a unit avoids internal conflict and issues that may affect the performance of the business and its relationship with its customers.

Without team values that align with the company’s core values, each team member tends to work towards different goals, which can ultimately affect the entire group’s performance.

Here are some important aspects of why team values are important:


Promotes a positive team atmosphere.

A team harmonious working together can have a great impact on improving each other’s performance. A peaceful and collaborative working environment helps maintain team values and enables groups to work more efficiently.

Each team member, thus, performs better to achieve the company’s desired results. Meeting the company’s objectives often elicits a positive feeling among team members.


Encourages discipline and awareness of goals within the team.

Disciplined members are important because they ensure each team member’s commitment to performing their tasks. In knowing the team’s common goals, members strive more and guide their actions and performance to achieve them.


It helps determine the work culture in the workplace.

A company’s work culture depends on the values its workforce follows. For example, an organisation that highlights group and/or individual achievements demonstrates a culture of collectivism and inclusiveness to a potential employee.


It attracts potential team members.

Encouraging applicants becomes more effective if they can see that the achievements of employees are recognised by following established values. It is an indication of an inclusive work culture, which may encourage candidates to be a part of the organisation.


Promotes growth and reputation of the organisation.

Team values promote excellence, resulting in higher productivity, satisfied customers, and increased profits. In turn, it helps drive the growth of the business.

Each team member represents your company, and the values they imbibe stay even when they pursue new opportunities. If employers understand that you have strong values, they’d assume that you learned them from an organisation that admirably instils values in its staff, which reflects positively on your company.


Importance of Team Profile

Any industry has people behind it, and each individual is as important as the company itself. It is likely to find a kind of expanded About Us Page that includes the profiles of individual employees. 

“Meet the Team” or “Our Team” section or page on a website are popular among web design and other creative firms. Various other industries are following suit, and this section or page can now also be found on their websites.

These pages are a valuable addition to any site because they add a personal touch and a human element to the company that leads to enhanced trust in visitors. Names with faces translate to your company being “real” to customers and jobseekers.

For many, adding information about the company’s key employees is a simple and effective way to add credibility. It makes your company stand out in the minds of your clients to see who they will be working with. And it shows potential employees that your company is proud of the people in your team.

At the end of the day, showing a bit of personality creates a win when you are trying to influence people to buy from you or even join your organisation.

Key takeaways of having a team profile on your website:

        ✔️ Showcases your employees.
        ✔️ Humanises your company.
        ✔️ Enhances transparency.
        ✔️ Shows emphasis on your organisation’s strengths.

Remember that people’s attention span online is short, so be sure to include only the most relevant information and make it specific enough for people to feel they know your staff even before they meet them. Humanising your team can make it easier for customers and potential employees to relate to your company and create a lasting impression.


Keep on Fine-Tuning

Your About Us page is never really done, just like the rest of your website. The need arises to revamp it if you’re having trouble connecting with your ideal clients or constantly struggling to find the right employee to work with.

Companies claim they have a set of core values that make them different from others. But no company shares your exact story or your unique reason for being in business in the first place. Additionally, featuring your team members and letting them shine makes an engaging About Us page. 

A fresh and up-to-date About Us page can help you spread the word about your company and draw in more potential customers and potential hires. Your About Us page is what people will look for when they want to learn about your story and will help them align with your values.

Our team, at Accentuate Web Design and Marketing, continually work with our clients to ensure their About Us page is not just the incorporation of one boring or useless paragraph. We can make it work much more and turn it into a hub to help your customers and employees get to know more about your business, the team environment, and the ethics you adhere to.

Get in touch with us today, and let’s help you connect better with your ideal audience and attract potential employees to your business.

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