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How to Create a Successful About Us Statement

The About Us Statement page is a vital source of information for people to learn more about your business. Its design and written content along with its visual elements tell an audience important information about who you are, what it is you do, and why you do it.

How to Create a Successful About Us Statement by Accentuate Web Design and MarketingAn About Us Statement page showcases your history, your company’s values, who you serve, and what makes you unique in the operation of your business from your competition. Unfortunately, many businesses miss the mark and fail to see it as an opportunity to build trust, tell your story, and share what makes you, you.

At Accentuate Web Design and Marketing, we just don’t build websites that are responsive and good to look at, our marketing team will pick your brain to effectively relay to your customers what your business mission and story is. 

For more than 16 years in operation, we have become our client’s partners in helping them create leads, make sales, and generate income for their businesses.

In creating a website, your About Us Page is one of the vital pages you’ll likely design, regardless of the industry you’re in. It can go by different labels such as “About Us or ”Our Story,” regardless of what label you choose, it serves a key purpose to be the go-to page for your audience to tell them “This is who we are.”

A visitor to your page, who wants to learn more about your business, normally navigates to your About Us Statement to get the information they need to know you better. You can’t miss out on this opportunity to highlight your biggest selling points, tell your story, and make a strong first impression on your curious visitors.


What is an About Us Statement?

In the simplest of terms, an About Us Statement page is a page on your website that explains who you are, and what makes you unique, and aims at why a prospective customer should emotionally invest in your brand.

It is more than just a corporate resumé. It’s your opportunity to give your prospects a peek behind the curtain, hoping to gain their trust and convince them to do business with you.

An About Us Statement shouldn’t be an echo of what you say about your company on your Home Page. Also, a long and detailed historical summary will bore readers.

The same as the purpose of a resumé, an About Us Page is an opportunity to toot your own horn, but you also don’t want to sound like you’re boasting. The best way is to find a middle ground and quantify the benefits of your product or service your prospects will value.

Sadly, many businesses don’t pay much attention to their About Us page once they have written it and published it on their sites, but visitors to your site certainly are. So, keep this in mind when creating or updating your About Page, it deserves a lot of consideration and respect.


Why is an About Us Statement Important?

It’s now a reality that businesses today need a strong website presence to make the most of business opportunities out there. Many of these businesses spend a lot of time honing and perfecting their Home Pages to entice their potential customers.

However, these same companies are neglecting an important section of their websites – the About Us page. Are you taking full advantage of the power your About Us page gives? If not, our expert marketers at Accentuate can help you sort this out to your advantage.

As visitors arrive at your landing page, they expect to see a piece of introductory content. This is where you must start building rapport with your who, what, when, where, and how details. It does have something to do with your About Us page, but just enough to keep them enticed to lead to your Home Page.

An About Us Statement is where you can start enhancing rapport with your potential customers. A typical visitor or lead who lands on your website landing will most likely spend a bit of time to check out your Home Page. It’s the place to tell your story. If it does work to entice them to know more about you, they’re more than likely to hop on over to your About Us page with a click.

A potential customer, at this stage, is at the point of deciding to make a purchase. It’s only natural that they would want to know more about who is running the show and behind the curtain, so to speak. Your About Us Statement is where you gain their trust, and let them know you are a legitimate business that stands behind, and what it is you promise.

Potential clients clicking through your About Us page are looking for convincing answers to their questions such as:

    • If your business is private, public, or family-owned.
    • How big your business is.
    • What are your core values?
    • Who is the owner of the company?
    • Your company history.
    • Your story.
    • What makes you different and special?

As a business owner, you must approach the above with keen interest. The answers you provide will be the basis where your customers can help you in letting the world know why your company is awesome. But it has to be executed well, and with tact.


The Characteristics of a Good About Us Statement.

The first thing you have to take into consideration when it comes to your website design is to make sure visitors can find your About Page. There is a good reason why this page is usually called About Us, or whatever you decide to label this page as.

Hot Tip: Your statement should be between 250 and 350 words in length minimum, but don’t make it too long! It should summarise who you are as a company, how you were founded, and what drives you.

It’s fine to be creative, just as long, as your potential customers recognise that what they are reading is your About Us page, and that they know where to find it. Consider the following as good practices when crafting your About Us Statement:


1.  No hype and clarity of facts.

It would not interest your reader with repetitive things that already appear on your homepage. Your About Us page is where you can blow your horn. However, avoid bragging and being pushy.

Go for a straightforward approach and quantify the benefits you can provide with your products and/or services. Simply saying it improves productivity is less persuasive than saying it can be increased to a certain percentage. Numbers give you credibility, whether explaining your industry’s problem, items sold, or the number of years you’ve been in the business.

Tying eye-catching figures in your narrative helps in communicating your message more effectively. Keep in mind that specifics are often better than bold claims.


2.  Show off your personality.

Showing a bit of your personality is not bad. It helps connect your brand to your customer, especially if you craft your writing that’s easy to understand. Avoid buzzwords, jargon, or long and confusing descriptions. Also, avoid generic text, instead use rich language to grab your potential customer’s attention.


3.  Inspire trust.

What milestones have you achieved in your years of operation? You must tactfully communicate this information to make them comfortable in doing business with you.


4.  Know your target group.

Even though you are writing an “about you” page, your content must relate to your customers. It is necessary to cater to who is most likely to read it. Keeping in mind what your target visitor needs and wants is crucial.


5.  Incorporate the Ws and an H.

We understand that beginning an About Us Statement is a challenge. If you’re stuck, the best method is answering the five Ws and an H: who, what, why, where, when, and how.

Show them who you are. What it is you do. Why are you different? Where you are located. When you started. How you can solve their pain points.


6.  Provide engaging content.

Instead of giving them corporate-speak, people prefer reading engaging content that’s more conversational. People respond well with writing that catches their attention and interest. Pour out your passion, and make them feel, but be personal and honest in putting out your story.

Ensure to speak the language of your visitors, keeping in mind to use language in your copy that’s motivating enough for them to take action.


7.  A picture is worth a thousand words.

Customers do want to see who they are dealing with. But don’t just use any generic photo. The pictures you use must help in building trust.

A photo of your founder or a snapshot of your place of operation adds credibility and humanises it. Remember this is the internet, since people can’t see you face-to-face, a well-chosen picture/s can go a long way in establishing trust.


8.  Tie in social proof.

The best proof you can show your potential customers how your product or service can benefit them is testimonials spoken by past customers. These convey the difference your organisation can bring from people who are using your products or engaging your services.


9.  Bring them home.

Note that people who are reading your About Page are at the cusp of making a sale. Your enticing text, photo or video helps drive them even further, what next? It’s time to provide a call to action.

People who made it this far already have an interest in what you have to offer. Make it easy for them to go further and take the next step. Your call-to-action can be as simple as joining your newsletter, asking them to follow your social accounts, an avenue where they can ask for more information, or more importantly, a link to your product or service page.


Final Thoughts

A good About Us Statement is informative, expressive, and concise. It gives valuable information about your business, your history, your products/services, and your goals. It is visually engaging and has personality.

Note that an About Us Statement is a work in progress. You will need to keep on tweaking it not only to make it better but to incorporate new milestones and/or developments in your organisation as it operates, evolves and grows.

Does your website have an effective About Us Statement page? If not, and you’re at your wits end on where to start, in the blank, or too busy, we recommend getting in touch with experts. They will help you in incorporating all necessary aspects into your About Page and transform an often overlooked page, into an engaging and converting page on your website.

Transform your About Us Statement page into a tipping point and convert your visitors into paying customers. Our experts at Accentuate Web Design and Marketing can help once you book a digital marketing session to perfect your business name, make it a winner, and make it a valuable online asset it’s meant to be for your business.

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