The LAB | January 14, 2021

Working From Home: An Expert’s Tip

Our team at Accentuate has been working from home for years. It’s not for everyone, but major global events have happened that forced the majority of us, both employers and employees, to adapt to this lifestyle.

So… Welcome, I guess? Like the great Wiseman SpongeBob SquarePants once said. “I know of a place where you never get harmed. A magical place with magical charms. Indoors. Indoors. Indoors!” 
Working From Home An Expert’s Tip by Accentuate Web Design and Marketing
Working from home brings a unique challenge to everyone. Mainly, it’s because of our different personalities. Some of us can adapt better than others. Still, we all face common core issues as Remote Workers. 

Here are some tips the team has learned from working from home.


1.  Monitor Your Time. 

Magically, you will find you have a couple more hours available to you in a day. Experts say that extra time comes from getting stuck in traffic, eating, and going out with people. Now you’re working from home with all this extra time, be sure to keep a good worklife balance. You should have a clear line set in stone when you’re working and when you’re not.  Not only will this keep a semblance of normality, but it also helps those people who think that just because you’re at home, you can work all day long. I mean, you can work all day long, but that’s your own choice.


2.  Set a Pre-work Routine 

Remember the days before Covid? What did you do between waking up and starting to work? Well, I think you had a routine set up. It’s the same with working from home. It’s especially challenging to “start” working, especially if your place of work is a couple of feet from you. Setting up a pre-work routine hypes you up to start the day.  

 Oh, by the way. I said pre-work, mainly because not all of us work in the morning. So not everyone begins at the same time. 


Working From Home An Expert’s Tip by Accentuate Web Design and Marketing 3.  Stand your Ground and Set Rules 

You might be living alone, so this tip might not be for you, but for those of us who live with other people, be it, housemates, parents, siblings, or extended family, listen here. Talk to the people who live with you and set up some ground rules so that people don’t disturb you. It doesn’t matter that you are physically there at home. You are still working.  


4.  You Need to Take Breaks 

Yes, I know you’re working from home, and you’re super comfortable. Heck, you might even be working in your Pyjamas. But that doesn’t mean you should work throughout the day. Take your breaks. All of them. In their entirety. You still need to rest and recharge your brain, even though. Schedule your breaks and walk away from your phone and computer, rest your eyes. It’ll help you in the long run. 


5.  Step out of the House 

There’s a pandemic, we are aware of that, so this is just a suggestion. Now. If you legally can leave the house. Please do just that. Now I’m not telling you to risk the health of yourself and those around you but if you can go out while reducing your risk by wearing masks, going to a place without any people, and social distance then I would suggest you do so. Your body needs to move, and leaving the house once in a while can reduce the feeling you’re being cooped up. 


6.  If You Need Something, Just Ask 

This isn’t the ideal work situation, guys. We are all making do with what we have, to keep working. So if you need something that can assist your home setup. Request it. It’s important to let your employers know that you need something so that your productivity will remain high. If your company already has remote workers, then most likely they have budgets for home equipment. If not, it doesn’t hurt to ask if they have a loan agreement for other things you might need. 

By the way. I just need to say that if you request equipment, please keep it within reason. The Pandemic hit us all.


Working From Home An Expert’s Tip by Accentuate Web Design and Marketing7.  Set A Working Area 

To keep a worklife balance. Dedicate a working space in your house.  It helps you to focus on work, which is and can be a very challenging thing at home. 


8.  Socialise 

For introverts like me this isn’t a big thing, but for extroverts working from home and being isolated can bring forth feelings of loneliness, disconnect, and isolation. To stave off these feelings. Might I suggest joining or even starting a chat channel where your home-based coworkers can talk about anything? Interacting with your co-workers helps create bonds that can improve not only your productivity but also increase morale in the company. 


9.  Don’t Be Ashamed to Take a Sick Day 

Let’s say you got sick. *Knock on wood,* don’t hesitate to take a sick day if it’s part of your company’s compensation package. Not taking it is a lose-lose for you and your employer. It’ll be like you throwing away perfectly good money, and your company will have to suffer from your reduced productivity. If you are a freelancer where not working are not getting paid. Don’t fall into the trap of trying to power through an illness. Your job quality might suffer and in turn, your client’s satisfaction might drop. Rest, it’s for the better. 


10.  Study 

You have hours of extra time available for you. Yes, that’s extra time for more Netflix binge-watching or playing video games, but hear me out… Why not be a little more productive and study something? This is the perfect time to start improving your skill sets. Online classes are pretty much readily available on the internet. It wouldn’t hurt that you start adding or enriching your skill sets. 


11.  Be Positive 

What this whole pandemic has taught me is that I need to remind myself to keep thinking positively. It’s pretty easy to fall into a bottomless pit of negativity and despair. Always look at the bright side. Talk to your friends and loved ones when things start to get dark. You are not alone, and it’s always darkest before the dawn. Keep moving forward and eventually see the end of this entire ordeal. For More Tips and Tricks, please visit, The Lab.

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