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How A Website Can Grow Your Business

Even though technological advancements continue to develop nowadays, many businesses, especially the small ones, still don’t believe they need a website or social media presence. Social profiles including Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, TikTok, and Instagram, are somewhat easy to create for a business profile, but having this is not enough because your business still needs a home base. 

How A Website Can Grow Your Business by Accentuate Web Design and MarketingAccording to 2014 survey, 41% of small business entrepreneurs believe that websites are unnecessary. This is unfortunate because this most likely means they are not aware of any idea of what benefits websites can provide them. On the other hand, according to VeriSign, they have concluded that 84% of customers have said that a website is more credible than one social page. 

In this article, we will tackle how a website can grow your business, so keep on reading! 


Website Will Shape Your Business 

A website’s purpose is somewhat similar to a brochure or shopfront. Customers look up to businesses that are also parallel with their values. Utilising a website is an excellent way to share your story. Inform them how your business started or why you started it, your future goals and aspirations, and what you envision to achieve with it. 

This provides you with the platform to showcase your experience and competence to get clients ahead of your competitors. 


Website is a 24/7 Online Presence 

This allows your customers and clients to easily find you anywhere and anytime. The good thing is, that your website continues to roll even outside your operating hours. It offers convenience to users who just visit your website to look at the information they need without the pressure to purchase. Staying offline can lose you, customers. That’s how powerful being online 24/7 is. 

Furthermore, almost 3.5 billion people are on social media platforms and websites every day, either looking for information, scrolling through social media, or spending time shopping online. People continue to become more reliant on mobile technology, so this number is expected to rise over time. This year 2020, it is expected to reach 6.1 billion of the total number of smartphones. 

You will be sabotaging your own business and its capability to make income if it still doesn’t have a website. A mobile-friendly website should be considered because statistically speaking, 65% of website traffic commonly comes from smartphones or mobile devices. 


A Website Will Enhance Your Business’ Credibility 

Respected and reputable companies are somewhat expected to have an online presence on social media to have their websites. Customers instead trust a business with a contact number, physical address, website, and email address; if none, they somehow doubt them. And you wouldn’t want that to happen. These are useful and important tools to share with your potential customers regarding your business. 

The homepage of your website recognises your brand’s ethical viewpoint. On the other hand, the ‘About Us’ page informs your users of all the information regarding your business. In contrast, the ‘Contact Us’ page tells your customers how to get in touch with you through phone number, address, or email. 

This is a big step for your business because it validates your brand. It improves your credibility with your customers. Don’t just sit and rely on the Facebook page, as it is not enough if we talk about business credibility. 84% of customers believe that companies with a website have more credibility than only having a social media page. 


Website Has A Wide Market Coverage 

Having a website can easily break and access country barriers. Your site is accessible to anyone and anywhere all over the globe. With a worldwide range, potential customers may be able to look for your business. Businesses that have a website have broad scope of target market not just locally but globally. 


Website Is Your Information 

A website is the simplest way to communicate with your customers by providing you with information. It is useful to list your operational hours, contact information, location, company photos, and product details. It is an excellent way to advertise your social channels and build a community with your customers. 


Website Is A Powerful Tool 

There are useful tools like Facebook Ads or Google AdWords that provide you accessibility to reach your accurate target customers rather than traditional promotion methods. Online promotion and SEO make a big difference in building awareness. Using the right keywords can be your stepping stone that new customers can see first-hand when searching for a product or service online. 

Trust us, you’re just wasting loads of money and time when you’re still using traditional marketing methods, Online marketing is much easier, faster, and more effective 


Do You Want A Website That Will Improve Your Business? 

Using the right tools and methods will improve your website’s traffic, thus, increasing sales and achieving your business goals. Let us help you by contacting us today.

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