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Why you should get a custom designed site, and not just a template?

Your website is often the first impression that your customers have of your company. No wonder then that you need a stellar website that creates the right first impression. When it comes to building a website, the decision boils down to choosing between a template website or a custom designed website.

A website built from a template is inexpensive, but isn’t unique. It may not stand out and may look like thousands of other websites floating on the internet. On the other hand, a custom-built website is unique to your business. Here are some reasons why you should get a custom-built website.


Built to Your Specification

A custom designed website is specifically created for your business, brand, or product. It is tailored for your audience. Aspects such as the colours and typography are carefully selected, and the layout plus design are custom-built from scratch.

With a pre-made template, you must make do with the limitations set by the template. You will be browsing through the same list of templates as other businesses and settle for a run-of-the-mill design.


Clean Code

A custom website is hand-coded to meet the industry best practices. You might wonder why that matters. No one looks at the code when they land on your website.
It matters to Google and all the other search engines, as they all like organised code. This makes a huge difference to the ranking your website receives.

With a custom design, the designers have complete control over how the final code structure would look and function. What’s more, you can be sure of getting a website that’s mobile friendly and SEO-friendly.

What's the Difference in Design? by Accentuate Web Design and MarketingUniquely You

You won’t use someone else’s brand identity, would you? Then why would you use a design that somebody else already has? Your visitors could be confused if a competitor has a similar/same template. A custom website means that the design is used only on your site. This way, you can reinforce your unique brand identity.


No Limitations

Your custom website will have no limitations whatsoever in terms of design or features. However, the same cannot be said of a template-based website. Some templates might not be ready for eCommerce functions, or they may not even support eCommerce. With a custom design, you have access to all the features you want to add to your site.


Experienced Team

A custom website calls for experience, creativity, and skills that only an agency can offer. Any freelancer can work off a template to build your site. But you need a team of skilled web designers and developers to bring your vision to life.

The involvement of the agency and the attention to detail are what make a custom website stand out from template websites.


In conclusion

A template may work for businesses with basic requirements. However, when you are looking to make an impact on your target audience, drive engagement, and boost conversions, you certainly need a custom-built website.

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