The LAB | September 30, 2022

What is a Social Media Audit?

One question we get from our clients is: What is a Social Media Audit?

It is no secret that social media creates a massive impact on enhancing brand awareness and lead generation. Businesses that are in touch with the times know that their digital marketing strategies must include a robust social media presence.

In this Accentuate The Lab Video Series Episode, Angie gives a breakdown of what a Social Media Audit is and the importance of conducting an audit.

By conducting an audit, you will be able to assess which among your social media:

✔️What is working and what is not.
✔️Know what issues exist that are stalling your social media accounts from gaining more followers, engagement, and conversions.
✔️You might consider reviving, repurposing, or even shutting down your outdated profiles.
✔️And if there are new opportunities that you can use to grow and engage your target audience.

Conducting regular social media audits is recommended for you to maximise the benefits you can gain through various social media platforms your brand is on to enhance your digital media presence.

To learn more about what a Social Media Audit is, click here: https://accentuate.com.au/what-is-a-social-media-audit/

To gain access to The Lab, join here:https://accentuate.com.au/digital-marketers-secrets/

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