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A Web Designer’s Portfolio

A Web Designer’s Portfolio

by Feb 13, 2020

Be sure to look at a web design company’s portfolio before you hire one.

Choosing the right web design is critical to the success of your project. After all, they are responsible for building a website that will impress your visitors in the first few seconds, engage them and convert them into leads and customers.

So how do you differentiate the several agencies you’ve come across in your search? One way to do that is by taking an in-depth look at the agency’s portfolio. This will provide insight into their capabilities, if they are a right fit for you, and whether they can deliver the results you desire.


A Web Designer's Portfolio by Accentuate Web Design and MarketingAsk for samples from a solid design portfolio in a multitude of industry.

Looking to achieve a specific branding vision? Contact agencies who can show you many examples of beautiful design, that is custom-built. This way, you can delve further and ask why the site was designed in a particular way, what challenges they faced, what results were measured and whether those results aligned with the project’s goals.

Say the agency has not built a similar website before. Have they communicated this to you right at the outset? How would they approach this requirement? What possible challenges may they face? Are they specialised in building custom websites, or do they use cookie cutter templates?

If you are looking for a stunningly designed website, look for an agency that can show you an array of designs. This signifies a solid creative philosophy – it’s an agency that takes the time to understand the clients’ requirements, considers their brand and delivers a customised solution.

Are you looking to build an eCommerce website? Then ask for examples of eCommerce websites the agency has built. If the agency is unable to show you examples of eCommerce websites, then perhaps it’s an unknown territory for them, and they are best avoided.


Ask for help navigating their portfolio.

Do not hesitate to ask for assistance navigating through an agency’s portfolio. The agency should not have any problem showing you through the examples of websites they’ve built.

This way, you can ask questions if any. The way they handle your questions will speak a lot about their experience, expertise and customer service.


Ask yourself some questions.A Web Designer's Portfolio by Accentuate Web Design and Marketing

As you navigate their web design portfolio, be sure to ask yourself these questions.

  • Does the portfolio demonstrate the agency is experienced in building websites for your niche?
  • How well-designed are their websites? Do they look professional?
  • Is there a website you like for its design/style/layout? Do the designs fit with what you have in mind for your website?
  • Do all the websites look similar?
  • Are the websites user-friendly? Is the site easy to navigate? Easy to understand?
  • Do these websites load quickly?
  • Are their websites mobile friendly and compatible with all browsers? Look up their site on your mobile phone, tablet and a computer.


Choose a web design agency carefully.A Web Designer's Portfolio by Accentuate Web Design and Marketing

Choosing the right agency might seem like a daunting task. However, if you know what your requirements are and look at the right places to determine if the agency can deliver, you are on the right path. You should be able to choose the right agency in no time.

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