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21 Common Complaints About Web Agencies

21 Common Complaints About Web Agencies

by Feb 6, 2020

When I discuss web design projects with prospective customers, we discuss a lot of things. One topic that makes an appearance every time is the horrific stories about their experience with web designers.

I’ve compiled a list of 21 complaints that fall into one of three categories:

  • Design – Complaints related to poor design, alignment with brand, etc.
  • Planning and service – All communication-related complaints such as managing expectations, listening and meeting deadlines.
  • Programming and technical – These complaints relate to technical limitations, capability-related issues and hosting issues.

Most of these complaints fall into more than one category. One glance at these complaints, and you can guess that most of these are service-related.


The 21 Most Common Web Design Complaints

  • Slow, non-responsive, old, inept technology.21 Common Complaints About Web Agencies by Accentuate Web Design and Marketing
  • Outsourcing, offshoring.
  • Does not listen, incompetent.
  • Poor communication, non-responsive.
  • Rude, poor business etiquette or unprofessional.
  • The company does not exist anymore, cannot access my website.
  • No control over my website, and developers are unwilling to give me full access.
  • Missed deadlines, overpromised, and never delivered the promised service.
  • The database has crashed.
  • The design has several problems; the site was launched without approval.
  • The vendor was not a team, but just a one-man army.
  • Lack of capacity, delays.
  • Not committed.
  • Not enough creativity.
  • Chasing the agency endlessly for updates in vain.
  • Website is useless. Unable to make basic changes such as adding a new page or a blog.
  • Not listening to our requirements and needs.
  • Isn’t aware of basic design principles.
  • Paying outrageous maintenance or monthly fees.
  • The site is missing the most critical aspects.
  • The designer is in a hurry or pushy in order to complete the site.

When it comes to hiring a web design agency, you must look for a partner, a team and not a just another vendor.

When something goes wrong, usually it’s not a programming or design related issue. It has to do with service and communication.

That’s why you must look to hire an agency partner that not only creates good websites, but provides stellar customer service.

Here are some things you can do to hire a good web design agency.

  • Check references. The best way to find out about an agency’s capabilities is to talk to past customers. Ask for references and call these clients, or just look at their portfolio and call their clients! Strike a conversation with them and find out as much as you can.
  • Read reviews. Read up testimonials on the agency’s site. But don’t stop there. Check third-party review sites. Look up online and the company’s social media page to see if there are any complaints, and see how they handled it when things went wrong!
  • Are they listening? Your vendor can deliver the project to your expectations only when they take the time to listen to you, your goals and your requirements. They should be able to do that in an organised manner.
  • Interview them. The initial consultation with your agency is much like an interview. Don’t be shy to ask some important questions, write a list out prior, so you don’t forget to ask important things.

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