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5 Tips to Improving Your Website

A website can provide many different benefits to a small business, and many of these benefits can be greatly increased if a website is designed and optimised.

5 Tips to Improving Your Website by Accentuate Web Design and MarketingYou might ask if your business needs a website. The definite answer is yes. There aren’t too many businesses that can survive and thrive today without a website and/or with a strong online presence, even if you own a brick-and-mortar store that doesn’t normally conduct e-commerce.

Potential customers come to a website seeking information that is useful to them. They may come to your website for educational content that your blogs can provide, other times, they may be focused on researching products and/or services that you might be selling.

Either way, if your website cannot be found with ease or is not up to the task of providing what people are expecting to find from your website, they’d normally gravitate towards websites or businesses that can fill their needs or are more readily researched online.

Not a website design specialist, writer, or digital marketing expert? No problem; outsource it to professionals who know what they’re doing, preferably with years of experience under their belt.

Accentuate Web Design and Marketing is a local Australian business that aims to offer a holistic approach to Web Design and Digital Marketing. We bring to the table all the services your business might need to be a success in the online space. Check out our Client Portfolio and Testimonials.

The Accentuate Team can help you be successful online by utilising our wide range of expert skills, from web development to digital marketing. Our team can help you get the most of your digital presence through the implementation of Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), Social Media Management, and Google Ads.

Our years of experience allowed us to refine our design and marketing process and helped us launch hundreds of quality web design projects for our clients, on time and on budget. Our team can help your business get found online and get real customers to contact and buy from you!

Get in touch with the best web design, development, and digital marketing company in the Gold Coast today.


What Classifies as an Optimised Website?

Optimised websites perform better across a variety of areas, such as web traffic, conversion rates, and usability. An optimised website ensures that it creates a smooth digital journey for customers who land on a website, compels them to take a desired action, and converts them into leads or customers.

Think of your website as your online salesperson working for you 24/7. With many businesses now being conducted digitally, your website is often where people can derive their first impression of your brand or your company. If you can create a professional and seamless user experience, you can have potential customers coming back.

The Internet has become the go-to place for finding information, including information about local businesses. It has taken over the role of “asking a friend” that covers all industries. By positioning your business correctly with the help of an optimised website, you will have the opportunity to turn people who have never heard of your company into customers, consistently.

Google ranks websites based on two functions in SEO, namely on-page and off-page. Google also looks for two main things in a website, its relevance and authority.

On-page SEO covers your titles, descriptions, content and site structure, and how your content is written. Your site’s navigation, external links, and many other details do matter.

While off-page SEO covers your anchor tests and backlinks, etc. Your website relevance depends upon how and the kind of content you publish on your website. Your authority directly comes from backlinks.

A website’s authority and relevance always help to improve website ranking and visibility in search engine results. An optimised website can effectively and efficiently dive into an untapped market and open doors to more conversions and revenue gains.


5 Tips for Improving Your Website.

When you invite guests to come to your home, it’s natural that you’d want to make a good first impression, right? You wouldn’t invite people to a cluttered house and not have anything good to offer, would you? The same should be true for your website.

You only have a short amount of time to grab a visitor’s attention once they land on your website. Your business website may seem to be working well, and you may be getting a fair amount of conversions from the web traffic your website has managed to generate. You can rest assured that people will not stay on your website if it is cluttered and lacks clear messaging and a call-to-action.

The good news is, your website can be improved. Below are 5 tips you can implement to improve your website:


1. Continually Add Fresh Content.

Fresh content is important to expanding your website content. It not only helps in sharing current information with your visitors, but it can also potentially drive new traffic to your website.

Google rewards websites that continually add fresh, relevant and engaging content. This may be in the form of blogs and client testimonials, “How To” videos, or even added pages explaining new services or products.

So, your website must have a continuous stream of fresh content added to it. New, relevant, and valuable content is also essential to growing your website, keeping visitors coming back, and improving your SEO.


2. Optimise Your Page Speed.

Admit it or not, we have all been accustomed to fast browsing on the internet. A few seconds of delay on a site is enough for us to leave that site and simply go somewhere else. If it happens too much, Google will assume that your page isn’t all that relevant, and penalise you by reducing your page rank over time.

Think of it this way, if you wouldn’t wait around for your page to load, why would you expect your customers to do so? Every visitor that bounces off your site is potentially a lost sale.

A website’s loading speed greatly affects user experience Google has made it a major ranking factor and does not tolerate a low page speed that would greatly affect your website’s ranking as we mentioned above.


3. Get Your Call-To-Action (CTA) Right.

A call-to-action (CTA) is huge. If you have users on your site, it means you’ve got them interested, you’ve only got a few moments to raise their interest more, now what do you want them to do? Tell them! Calls-to-action help your visitors and readers to take the next step by telling them what to do next.

When visitors land on your website for the first time, they may not know entirely who you are, what you are about, or what products/services you have to offer. CTAs are vital elements of a website, as they also help your visitors navigate your site and help in telling your brand story.

Depending on the goals of your website, you can have a variety of CTAs across the website depending on the web page, your desired action, and part of your story. Additionally, your calls-to-action should offer an incentive to your readers, such as leading them to materials that will help solve their pain points.

Great CTAs invite your readers to learn more, view your portfolio, or visit your blog. CTAs act as signposts to guide potential leads to the next step, to keep them engaged. Check your website and make sure your CTAs match your client’s journey.


4. Include Well-designed and Written headlines.

Writing great pieces of content doesn’t mean all that much if that content is never seen or read. It is the role of a headline to make sure that your readers and customers click back onto your website.

With a great headline, you’d be able to promote your content on social media and generate website traffic too. A well-designed and written headline can also help improve SEO for your content.

A quality headline using the perfect keyword combination propels your content to the top results of a search engine’s results page (SERP). It is the combination of your headline and the snippet of your article’s text that your potential customers use to decide whether or not to click and read your content.

Well-designed and written headlines typically result in more clicks, helping you increase your sales and/or sign-ups.


5. Take Your Consumer on a Journey by Being Mobile-Friendly.

There’s a point to remember here, apart from focusing on your website and your clients: search engines. Search engines, particularly Google, crawl both your desktop and mobile websites and use them to index your website.

Optimising your site for mobile is critical these days. Not only is it critical for SEO, or search engines. So if you want your website to perform well, having a mobile-friendly website can help your website perform better.

In the first quarter of 2023 alone, mobile devices accounted for approximately 58.33 percent of website traffic worldwide. Desktop shopping is now overtaken by mobile shopping. It’s no surprise since it is more convenient and people are often on the go with their smartphones. As long as there’s service, customers can shop from virtually anywhere.

With more than half of website traffic coming from mobile devices, it’s more important than ever to have an easy-to-use mobile shopping experience. Enhance that with a well-designed user interface at blazing page speed, you’d be remiss not to include it as a major part of your digital marketing strategy and ignore half of your potential customers.

The next step is creating a mobile shopping experience that your customers will enjoy. Be mindful that mobile shoppers are finicky and will not hesitate to gravitate and buy from your competitors if they encounter the slightest hiccup from your site.


In Summary.

Ensuring the success of your website needs it to be optimised and provide your users with a seamless experience. By following the tips presented above, you can tap an even bigger potential of your website.

An optimised website can significantly enhance your online presence and drive more traffic and conversions. Improving your website positions your business for success, reaching untapped markets and increasing conversions.

We at Accentuate Web Design and Marketing understand the importance of an optimised website for small businesses. As we mentioned at the start of this article, your website acts as your 24/7 online salesperson, which attracts your readers and visitors with valuable information and converts them into potential customers.

Don’t let your website underperform. Contact us at Accentuate Web Design and Marketing to get started on making the most of your website today. Book a chat with our team of experts and unlock your website’s potential to shine online.

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