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Create a Marketable Vision Statement for Your Brand

While the value proposition paints a picture of your company, your vision statement outlines what your organisation wants to be. It is oftentimes inspirational that include your vision for the company’s direction for its near and long-term future.

Create a Marketable Vision Statement for Your Brand by Accentuate Web Design and MarketingOftentimes, the term vision statement is used interchangeably with a mission statement, but the two are quite different. Mission statements describe how you intend to achieve a vision; vision statements describe a desired future state. Your marketing plan must include your vision statement, even if it is not customarily and formally being included in many organisations’ business plan documents.

Accentuate Web Design and Marketing is in the business of creating functional, responsive and beautiful websites for our clients. But, we are also a successful marketing company that will help in connecting your brand with your audience in achieving your business goals.

Why must you craft a vision statement? Your marketing plan must be consistent with your company’s overall business goals, as laid out in your vision statement. A vision statement will cause you to look internally and prevent you from undertaking any marketing initiative that does not align with your goals.

As such, Accentuate’s marketing team can help you create a marketing strategy that will provide your business with a solid action plan and digital marketing processes you can deploy to get you the online presence your business needs, most engagingly and professionally your customers can truly relate with.


What is a Business Vision Statement?

The number one obstacle that stands in the way of any business from turning their idea into a status quo-disrupting product or service is lack of vision. A great idea in itself doesn’t sell, but carefully crafted visions that convey a deeper meaning and significance do.

There is nothing mystical about a business vision statement. In the simplest of terms, a business vision statement is a foundational business document unique from the rest of any paperwork that clutters any office organisation.

It serves a different purpose, geared towards a company’s future objectives. It must align with your mission, strategic planning, culture, and your core values. A vision statement is your company’s guideline for a company’s strategic plan, so it must be reviewed thoroughly.

Since it can also be considered a living document, it should change and adapt to the current business environment and other factors that might affect your ability to achieve your company’s mission and lead it to its next innovation.

Note that a vision statement should not be confused with a mission statement. A vision statement explains how your company plans to live out its mission statement.

A strong and unique vision statement also facilitates differentiating your company from competitors, is appealing to customers, and inspires employees. A good vision statement serves as a galvanising and motivating force, more so if the statement is a challenge.

Creating this document, while it is possible, does pose a bit of a challenge for most businesses. That’s where our marketing team can come in and assist, to help guide you to attain the most advantageous route to take to help you get there.


Why is a Vision Statement Important?

All companies and enterprises mostly have one thing in common: All began as small businesses. Starting small is a common denominator for those just getting off the ground.

However, there are instances where there are companies that lose sight of the bigger picture. It can’t be helped sometimes, and we can’t place any blame.

There are so many tasks to juggle in running a new business, such as learning how to make and handle that first hire and deal with administrative things, among others. Summarising your company’s core values into a clever slogan may be pretty low on your priority list.

We fully understand that important decisions have to be made and can feel overwhelming. The way forward may be daunting and unclear, along with insurmountable risks. This is where a vision statement can help.

It offers guidance to you and your team over the long term. A single phrase serves as your company’s objective reach, and it can also be a reminder of the underlying values of your company that help guide you for decades of doing business.

A ‘vision’ is the what, where, and/or who you want your company to become. The “mission” on the other hand, is why your company exists, that details your purpose, passion, and/or cause.

But why is it important? Regardless of your business goals, your management strategies – old or new, need to be aligned with your vision statement. It is a necessary component of goal-setting to help turn your vision into reality.


How A Vision Statement Can Be Used in Business.

All businesses, regardless of size, should have a vision statement. Even if it’s not written down, most business owners have a vision of some kind for their business. But, if you do not put it into words, your vision may not appear clear to you, more so when it concerns your team. Worse, you and your team might end up not being on the same page.

To learn to set goals based on your company’s vision, mission, and unique position, you can employ the expertise and marketing advice of our skilled team.

A vision statement is used to frame your company’s business goals, and your action plans for achieving them, including your strategic planning. Your strategic plan is your blueprint for making your vision for your company come true.

A business vision is the take-off point for business planning. When you come to terms and decide to put up a business, have you considered the following?

    • What is the purpose of putting up the business?
    • Who thinks why your business is important?
    • What type of products or services are you looking to offer?
    • What do you want the business to achieve?
    • How do you envision the future of the business?

Your vision outlines the goals and aspirations you might have for your business. It should be used to align various areas of your business, including any brand development, and marketing strategies, as well as part of inducting your staff with customers and suppliers.

If creating a vision statement for your business feels uncomfortable, it doesn’t have to be that way. Our digital marketing session can help you and your team address this challenge, and achieve extraordinary results. 


Tips to Create a Business Vision Statement.

Here are steps to help you create your business’ vision statement.

  1. Develop your vision. If you have partners or will be operating with co-owners, invite them and your staff. A business adviser and/or mentor can also be helpful in this stage. Project five to 10 years into the future.
  2. Consider the ‘why’ of your business. Clearly define why the business matters to customers and your staff. Align it with the broader goals of your business, its values and mission.
  3. Now clearly define the ‘what’ of the business (what it does), avoid too many inclusions. Too much detail will obscure the message. To give you a picture, think of a diamond. It becomes less valuable if it has too many inclusions.
  4. Capture as many key points as you can in a short statement. Aim to say a lot using a few words. 
  5. Summarise the ‘what’ and ‘why’ into a single statement. Make sure that it covers the key purpose of your business. Dream big, and focus on success.
  6. Ensure that what you come up with is clear and concise. Written in a language that’s easy for anyone outside the business to understand. Avoid using jargon that may cause misinterpretation. Make it powerful, passionate, and more importantly, inspiring, motivating, and memorable.
  7. Review and update it as needed.


Get help from experts.

You’ll be happy to know that you already might have almost all the requirements needed to turn your idea into a marketable vision and get stakeholders to buy in to it. We can show you how.

The bottom line is, you can’t create a vision statement and then let it gather dust. Your vision and the purpose behind it is an all-important factor in your business growth.

Share it internally and externally. Use it to guide your business strategy, and follow through with your plans. With each milestone, reassess your course of action and adapt. Once your vision is achieved, set a new one and decide where it is you hope to head next – and work towards it. 

We can help you craft an ideal vision statement and any marketing decisions you need to undertake to achieve your business goals. Register for our Digital Marketing Session, let’s discuss your concerns find ways to resolve them and implement ways to realise your vision.

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