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Create a Consumer Driven Mission Statement

Some brands consistently deliver delightful experiences like magic for their customers. Other brands base the experience on which employees pick up customer’s calls. You might ask how some brands consistently get it so right, while others get it so wrong. The answer is simple, a Consumer Driven Mission Statement.

Create a Consumer Driven Mission Statement by Accentuate Web Design and MarketingIt is the cornerstone in every aspect of your branding process that helps your audience understand the purpose of your brand and what you want it to accomplish. 

How do you encapsulate the entirety of your brand’s goals and create an impact with a few short sentences? Accentuate Web Design and Marketing is a local Australian business with a strong focus on creating quality websites and digital marketing services for our clients.

Our skilled Marketing Team can help you customise your strategy and recommend steps you can implement to achieve our online goals. This includes guiding you in the right direction when it comes to your branding and lead generation, ensuring you have the most engaging and professional online presence.


What is a Mission Statement?

A mission statement is part of your company’s DNA, along with its vision and value statements. If you want to reach a goal, you must not formulate them lightly or haphazardly.

A mission statement is action-based and declares what your company does to achieve its vision. In a nutshell, your mission statement communicates why you set up your business in the first place and how you go about serving your customers.

It’s not just about stating your company’s desire to be the best in your field in making products or providing services. It’s a way of showing what makes your business stand out and what makes its future bright.

Additionally, mission statements communicate a company’s values to its community. It helps generate interest in the solutions the company creates. It also encourages employees to contemplate about how their actions will impact future business success and enhance a positive company culture. 

Every employee in your organisation has to understand the importance of their role in the “mission” and in the way they can deliver the ultimate customer experience, whether they interact directly with customers or not.

A clear consumer-driven mission statement will not leave your employees guessing on what that customer experience should look like. The best part is, that the customer’s journey will remain consistent, a big PLUS!


Why is a Mission Statement Important for your Business?

A clearly defined mission statement is essential throughout all aspects of a company. A mission statement creates the core identity of your company and establishes the basis for everyone in the company in how they make decisions.

Once you have a clearly defined mission statement, you can then tie everything that your brand does to that mission, making it a perfect pitch when presenting your brand to new audiences.

To outline:

  1. It is a defining factor for both your audience and your employees.
  2. It functions as a framework that your employees can follow when making decisions on behalf of the organisation.
  3. A mission statement is an important factor you can present to potential partners and investors, making it easy to convey the value that your brand brings.


Tips to create a successful Mission Statement.

Mission statements include several other elements. Have you ever contemplated why you created your business and for whom you created it? If you have, can you effectively convey your position and objectives within your market, among other things?

Writing a company mission statement requires understanding the balance between the statement’s role in the company’s public image and its role in internal communications.

Understanding your company’s purpose can help you identify the goals it should strive to achieve. Our team at Accentuate can help you and your team develop a digital marketing strategy to reach those goals once those goals have been set.

More importantly, potential customers can judge your brand based on your mission statement. Building your organisation on this strong foundation will ensure its stability as it faces future challenges.

If you don’t have one, you need to create one. But first, you need to address these questions to make a difference:

  • What is it you do? — Your answer to this question should encapsulate your company’s core operations.
  • How do you do it? — This should provide a values-based description of how you operate and what you aim to achieve.
  • For whom are you doing it? — The answer describes your core customer base.
  • What value are you bringing? — This answers the “why” of your existence.

Once you have addressed and answered the questions stated above, you can then begin writing a good mission statement for your company. As you begin crafting, keep these qualities in mind: Be accurate, realistic, and unique. 

Now get to writing by following these tips:

  • Communicate your best qualities in clear and direct terms – Do keep it concise by keeping your company’s mission in just a few sentences. Don’t write an essay, it’s not the purpose of this brand-building tool.
  • Aim for something compelling, strong, and memorable – I should be tethered to your brand.
  • Write something that can be incorporated into other aspects of your business – It must unify your company’s marketing strategy, or at the least give it a firm and more cohesive image. Prominently display it in your workplace, your website, and within your marketing materials.
  • Make it future-proof – It is an investment in your company’s future, so ensure that it will be relevant and open enough to reflect your long-term goals.
  • Don’t make it too limiting If your product or service works best for Queensland. There’s no reason why it shouldn’t be for other Australian territories, or even the world when you eventually expand.
  • Get your employees’ opinion – This is a tool that concerns them and is designed with them in mind too, so their opinions matter. Get their opinion on how it can be improved further, or what they dislike about it.
  • Do make a note of where your mission statement appears – This will help you locate and update any instance easily when the need arises.
  • Regularly update it – Change is a constant thing, and so are things in the business world too. If your mission statement no longer represents your company, is no longer applicable, or your company undergoes a significant change in its evolution, you must rewrite it.

Once you’ve crafted your business’s mission statement, put it to work right away. You’d want your mission statement to be front and centre in the minds of everyone who deals and interacts with your business.



Create a Consumer Driven Mission Statement by Accentuate Web Design and MarketingA mission statement is a living document that would need regular updates. Regardless of what your goals are and what you are trying to achieve for your organisation, a mission statement must always contain a basic description of your company, its purpose, and its goals.

So take a deep breath, grab your writing tool and get ready to write something that matters. If you’re having difficulty taking off, we can help you. Get in touch with our experts and book a digital marketing strategy session to help propel your business. We can even help you perfect your business name!

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