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The Power of Paid Discovery

Giving something for free is great, but free doesn’t generally pay bills. Free is a bad valuation to associate with an agency. It doesn’t convey a good message if ‘free’ is how you value your worth. The concept also doesn’t sit well alongside bottom lines, running costs, or profitability.

The Power of Paid Discovery by Accentuate Web Design and MarketingAccentuate Web Design and Marketing’s CEO and Senior Strategy Consultant, Eden Brownlee was featured in a video by Agency Mavericks where he talked about the paid discovery and getting paid to close. It is a phase or the next step before officially breaking ground on a project.

The initial stages of engaging with a prospective client require significant time and financial resources. There can be a reluctance to invest in extensive upfront work without a formal commitment. We highlight the importance of the process during the early client onboarding stages, where the project scope is defined, and the most effective approach is determined. This process often involves strategy sessions or road mapping.

Accentuate sees the benefit of compensation for the time-consuming discovery process. We aim to deliver value to prospective clients by recommending digital strategy and web strategy recommendations based on a thorough understanding of the customer’s business trajectory and goals. The goal is to empower the client with insights into the comprehensive work involved in the discovery process, reinforcing the agency’s commitment to delivering substantial value to clients.


Understanding Paid Discovery.

Web design and digital marketing involve comprehensive research and analysis before undertaking the project. This strategy includes compensating the services of experts who will delve into niche areas and provide valuable insights into target markets, niche audiences, and competitive landscapes.

It can uncover hidden opportunities by going beyond surface-level information. It identifies untapped markets and allows businesses to target emerging trends and audiences efficiently.

This approach empowers businesses with data-driven insights and enables informed decision-making by first understanding what drives the market, identifying pain points, and developing strategies aligned with a client’s goals. An understanding of a client’s target market preferences and pain points results in efficient tailoring of strategies to align with their needs. This results in personalised campaigns that enhance engagement and brand perception.

However, it is not a one-time process, it requires continual optimisation to ensure that as market dynamics change, strategies also evolve alongside it to be in alignment. This provides clients with ongoing value and adaptability for sustained success.


Significance of Paid Discovery.

As a client, you can gain valuable insights into your target audience, market trends, and competitor strategies. By investing in paid discovery, you can access data that helps you understand consumer behaviour and preferences.

It helps you identify key trends, such as the most popular products or services, and adjust your offerings accordingly. This knowledge empowers you to stay ahead of the competition and meet the ever-changing needs and demands of your customers.

By analysing consumer opinions and feedback, you can effectively gauge and identify areas in need of improvement and make the necessary adjustments. This helps in enhancing customer satisfaction and help in refining your offerings to increase their market appeal.

You can gain insights and analyse competitor strategies into their positioning, messaging, and target audience. This information is vital in developing strategies and sets you apart in capitalising on market gaps.

In digital marketing and web design, it’s a strategic investment that provides valuable insights for projects. Taking this approach enables your business to develop tailored strategies that meet and exceed expectations in an ever-evolving digital environment.


Accentuate’s Approach.

We have a unique approach by combining various methodologies and techniques to provide our clients with the most effective results. The foundation of our approach is based on research, strategic planning, and data-driven decisions.


1. Comprehensive Research.

Our team conducts in-depth research to gain a better understanding of our client’s industry, target audience, and competitors. This process helps us identify the most relevant keywords, market insights, and trends.


2. Strategic Planning.

Once all necessary data have been gathered, we develop a strategic plan that’s tailored to our client’s goals and objectives. In this process, our team determines the most appropriate platforms and channels to target to set realistic campaign objectives and establish your key performance indicators (KPIs) for measuring success.


3. Targeted Audience Segmentation.

Reaching the right audience is important. To ensure its maximum impact, advanced segmentation techniques are used to identify and target specific audience segments that are most likely to engage with our client’s offerings. This helps ensure that campaigns are highly targeted and yield the best possible results.


4. Compelling and Creative Content.

Capturing the attention of users is crucial. Our skilled team of designers and copywriters can craft visually appealing and persuasive ads that effectively communicate your message.


5. Continuous Optimisation.

We believe that continuous optimisation can maximise results. For example, ads need to be closely monitored to gauge their performance, analyse data, and make data-driven adjustments to optimise targeting, bids, and placements. This iterative approach ensures that strategies are always being refined and improved to achieve optimal outcomes.

Utilising these methodologies and techniques enables us to deliver exceptional results for our clients and help them achieve their marketing goals.


Specialised Tools and Techniques.

In the Agency Mavericks video, we mentioned the high level of conversation with our clients about what they want to achieve for their business. This conversation involves presenting our recommendation for a digital strategy and building a path to achieve their goal, which we ultimately have to charge for.

Here are some tools we use to come up with recommendations for a digital strategy:


1. Keyword Research Tools.

Keyword research tools help identify high-value keywords with low competition. Keyword research tools uncover new opportunities to strategically target your audience with precision.


2. Competitor Analysis Tools.

Insights about competitors are unveiled by competitor analysis tools. More effective campaigns can be developed by understanding the competition’s strengths and weaknesses. Much more, it can help stay one step ahead in the competitive landscape.


3. Data Analytics Tools.

Advanced data analytics tools provide in-depth, real-time data to track and measure the performance of campaigns. These tools allow you to analyse key metrics, identify trends, and make data-driven decisions to optimise campaigns for maximum impact.


4. A/B Testing Tools.

By testing and analysing the performance of different variations of your landing pages and ad copies, you’ll be able to identify the most effective elements and optimise campaigns accordingly.


5. Conversion and Tracking Tools.

The importance of conversion tracking tools can’t be overstated as it allows you to track and measure actions taken by your audience after interacting with your content and campaigns. These tools provide valuable insights into your campaign’s effectiveness, helping you optimise your conversion rates.


Strategies for Success.

Through our years of experience and research, we have developed strategies and best practices that can help our clients optimise their efforts. These strategies can be extracted and elaborated upon to provide actionable insights for other agencies and businesses looking to adopt a similar approach.


1. Comprehensive Research.

We emphasise the importance of conducting thorough research during this phase. This includes market research, competitor analysis, and understanding the target audience’s preferences and behaviours.


Application: This can be replicated by agencies and businesses by investing time and resources by conducting comprehensive research before initiating any project. This provides a solid understanding of the market landscape and customer needs, laying a foundation for successful outcomes.


2. Collaborative Workshops.

Accentuate encourages collaborative workshops involving key stakeholders from both the agency and the client side. These workshops aim to align everyone on project objectives, expectations, and desired outcomes.


Application: By involving all relevant parties, including clients, designers, marketers, and developers, agencies can ensure everyone is on the same page, leading to smoother project execution and client satisfaction.


3. Data-Driven Decision-Making.

Data-driven decision-making throughout the project lifecycle is of prime importance. Insights gathered during this phase can be leveraged by agencies to make informed decisions regarding design, marketing strategies, and user experience enhancements.

Application: Collecting and analysing relevant data at every stage of the project ensures that strategies and solutions are grounded in real-world insights, increasing their effectiveness and ROI.


4. Continuous Communication.

Maintaining open and continuous communication with our clients is significant for us at Accentuate. This involves regular updates, feedback sessions, and transparent discussions about project progress and challenges.

Application: Agencies and businesses can establish clear channels for feedback and updates. Keeping in touch with clients regularly helps to address concerns or changes in requirements quickly, fostering a collaborative and trusting working relationship.


5. Agile Approach.

We advocate an agile method of project management, which allows for flexibility and adaptability to changing market conditions and client needs. Feedback loops enable quick course corrections if necessary with this iterative approach.


Application: Agencies and businesses can adopt an agile approach by breaking down projects into smaller and manageable tasks. This facilitates responsiveness and flexibility, ensuring that everything stays on track and delivering value incrementally.

By adapting and implementing these strategies, other agencies and businesses can enhance initiatives and enhance the effectiveness of their web design and digital marketing projects. Research, collaboration, data-driven decision-making, communication, and agility are all crucial to delivering optimal outcomes.


Benefits for Clients.

Clients can enjoy a myriad of benefits by adopting a paid discovery approach. Our clients thank us for this paid process and empowers them to see how much work goes into the discovery process.

As highlighted in the Agency Mavericks video, let’s expand and emphasise the following advantages:


1. In-Depth Understanding of Client Needs.

Benefit: Clients get to benefit from a comprehensive understanding of how to achieve their specific needs and goals.

Impact: A deep understanding of your client’s needs ensures that subsequent strategies and solutions can be precisely tailored, minimising the risk of misalignment or misunderstanding during project execution.


2. Strategic Decision-Making Based on Insights.

Benefit: It provides clients with a wealth of insights derived from thorough market research, user studies, and competitor analysis.

Impact: Data helps clients make strategic decisions based on real-world information, reducing guesswork and enhancing the likelihood of successful outcomes.


3. Clear Project Expectations.

Benefit: Collaboration and clear communication during this phase helps in establishing clear project expectations.

Impact: Clients can have a transparent view of the project and its scope. This includes timelines and deliverables, minimising potential misunderstandings and fostering a positive client-agency relationship.


4. Optimised Budget Allocation.

Benefit: Clients can optimise their budget allocation more effectively through the identification of potential challenges and opportunities.

Impact: What this does is ensure that resources are allocated to where they will garner the most impact. This maximises their ROI and minimises or prevents unnecessary expenditures.


5. Increased Project Success Rates.

Benefit: Tailored strategies developed during paid discovery contribute to increased project success rates.

Impact: Whether improved website performance, enhanced digital marketing ROI, or product launches, clients can expect higher chances of achieving their project goals.


6. Flexibility and Adaptability.

Benefit: An agile project management approach allows for flexibility and adaptation to evolving client needs.

Impact: Adapting quickly to changing market conditions or shifting priorities is possible with a responsive and iterative project development approach.


7. Enhanced Collaboration and Client Satisfaction.

Benefit: Open Communication and collaboration foster a positive client-agency relationship.

Impact: Clients feel confident when they are part of the process throughout the project. This leads to increased satisfaction as their input is valued, and adjustments can be made in real time based on their feedback.

To sum it up, paid discovery not only equips clients with a deeper understanding of their project and the work it entails but also empowers them to actively contribute to the decision-making process. The benefit extends to clearer expectations, optimised budgeting, increased project success rates, and overall client satisfaction.

We invite you to watch the full video of the Agency Mavericks feature on paid discovery. The video provides a comprehensive understanding of insights, strategies, and the transformative impact.



Businesses eager to unlock their potential should take the opportunity to take action. If you’re intrigued by what we’ve discussed here and the benefits highlighted, consider incorporating paid discovery into your web design and digital marketing endeavours.

A proactive approach paves the way for informed decision-making, enhanced project success, and a tailored strategy that aligns seamlessly with your unique business objectives.

The exploration of Accentuate Web Design and Marketing’s insights unveils a paradigm shift in the landscape of digital marketing and web design. The key takeaway is at the end of the digital roadmap session you are going to have a strategy document filled in with all of your answers.

You can then take it with you to another agency if you decide that you don’t want to work with us. You can then present this document to another agency and say you’ve done all the hard work, and the agency now knows exactly what it needs to build.

This immersive experience will undoubtedly enrich your knowledge, and provide additional layers of expertise and practical applications. We invite you to deepen your understanding by watching the video featuring Accentuate’s insights. Explore the video for a comprehensive dive into the transformative world of paid discovery.

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